Imagine how much easier your life would be if you stopped second guessing yourself and worrying about what other people might think about you and your choices? 

How much more confident and fulfilled would you feel if you cared more about what YOU want and less about what other people might think about what you want?

What would you do differently if you felt safe enough to be who you truly are rather than the person you think people want you to be? 

Self care is the cultivation of self connection. When you connect with yourself, you tap into a deep well of strength and wisdom. By subscribing to the Dark Moon Club, you'll receive monthly resources to help you on your journey of self-discovery so taking care of you doesn’t become something left at the bottom of your to do list
Dark Moon Club

Dark Moon Club is for people who want to take care of themselves and commit to a regular self-care practice - but also believe they don’t have time for it. 

A monthly subscription service that delivers a curated set of lovingly crafted tools & practices straight to your inbox each month so you can create a regular practice of self connection in just 30 minutes a month.

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Happy Self Connection Client 

" This time for yourself, guided by Sadie is the kind of opportunity that it's so often tough to carve out in the day-to-day and yet is so beneficial and has such positive impact on your wellbeing. The space to be led in meditation and journaling  - it's just a gorgeous, nourishing experience that leaves you full of gratitude."

Imagine being able to tap into the deep pool of inner wisdom, self-love and empowerment that comes when you are connected to yourself on a regular basis. 

 Self-connection is a gateway to switching off autopilot, returning to your inner world and coming back to what's truly important for YOU.

In a world that has so much noise, distractions, never ending to do lists and people who always want a little piece of you it can be hard to remember what’s really important to you as an individual. 

Modern living feels nonstop and it’s so easy to get swept along in the rush, leaving your own needs and wants lost in the noise. 

Does this sound familiar?

With all the demands on your time at work & home and all the distractions that fill your day, it’s hard to find time to be silent, quiet and caring of yourself – even though you know it helps when you do.

You’ve bought all the self help book and listen to all the spirituality podcasts, but never seem to get around to putting any of the ideas into action - you just don't know where to start when it comes to it. 

You feel you’ve lost connection with something important, but can’t quite tell what’s missing. And it’s not your fault – modern living is designed to keep us busy, productive, distracted and seeking happiness through consumption. I know, because I have been there and it sucks!

The Ham Moment

One evening doing the Big Shop in a local supermarket with my husband, I found myself staring at a wall of pre packaged ham with no clue which one to choose and a sense of rising panic in my chest. 

As other shoppers came along, made a choice and got on with their shopping, I remained frozen. 

Whilst my husband was in the next aisle getting on with the rest of the shopping list, I had become completely overwhelmed by the simple act of choosing a packet of ham. 

I felt paralysed by the idea of choosing the wrong one and as a full-on panic attack hit, I had to walk away to find my husband and calm myself down. 

This moment has become immortalised in our house by the term “A Ham Moment” and represents how a simple act can be the last straw when we live our lives on the edges of constant burnout. 

Because it wasn’t choosing the ham as such that was such A Big Deal – it was that I was so out of touch with myself, that I had totally lost my sense of intuition, self-trust and self-confidence. 

And when we lose touch with those inner sources of wisdom, it leaves a vacuum that becomes filled with the overwhelming noise of everything else – especially negative brain chatter and thoughts of not enoughness. 

From that day to this, what has helped me rebuild those feelings of intuition, self-trust and self confidence has been creating a routine of self-connection practices so that I can nurture a relationship with myself, silence the negative self talk and just be.

What's Included

Dark Moon Club is a monthly membership club that delivers curated mindfulness and self-care content to your inbox every month. 

Each month you’ll receive an easy and accessible guide to build self-connection - offering thought-provoking prompts; simple rituals and meditation practices to help you redefine the relationship with yourself. 

It is an act of devotion that goes beyond surface level self-care to the deeper truth, trust and love that comes only when you pause long enough to remember who you are. 

Even if you don’t know where to start, or don’t think you have enough time – Dark Moon Club will enable you to create that sense of self connection in as little as 30 minutes a month. 

Each month you'll receive a curated set of practices designed with care to support you create that feeling of self-connection:

A guided meditation to bring you stillness, silencing the constant brain chatter of runaway thoughts and bringing you some inner calm and clarity

Journal prompts, crafted to relate to a new theme each month will act as inspiration for you to explore and express your thoughts and feelings in a way that will offer insight, release and celebration. 

A simple self-connection ritual to elevate the everyday to sacred so you can build confidence and familiarity with the practice of ritual, supporting you to explore new ways to understand who you really are and how you want to express that in the world. 

Dark Moon Club will deliver to you all the tools and resources you need to deepen your own self connection journey, supporting you to make time for yourself whilst reminding you how worthy you are of it. 

With time, you'll build a set of practices that you can come back to time and time again. 


Regular magical extras and surprises – something special to delight and inspire you each month

Membership to Mischief Makers – my exclusive clients & students only group space to connect with others and access member exclusive content & offers.

At just £9 a month, Dark Moon Club offers you simple rituals of self-connection for less than a large glass of wine in a swanky pub. 

Sign up now for instant access to 2 months worth of content to get started today!!

How It Works

As soon as you sign up, you'll get access to the Dark moon Club Portal where you'll find the current month's content as well as the previous month's material too - a 2 for 1!

Each month, you'll receive access to a new set of practices so you can plan in some gorgeous self connection time just as the moon is coming into it's Dark Moon phase (the small window just before a new moon enters the sky).

You can cancel your subscription any time, easy peasy no questions asked. 

Why the Dark Moon?

Usually, its the Full Moon and the New Moon that get all the glory, but there is something special about the Dark Moon too.

As the moon is cloaked in darkness, it invites in a pause for introspection. This phase of the moon represents reflection and release = a perfect time for self connection and finding inner stillness.  

This will be reflected in the materials you receive which will invite contemplation, evoke endings; enable release and empower self healing.

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"I felt frantic and chaotic beforehand and I left feeling calmer and more grounded. I love the guided meditations and the journalling. The way it works is perfect "you time".

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"Your guided mediations are always a favourite; the journey you take people on and how visual the experience is in my mind always feels very special and meaningful. Your journal prompts feel like a warm, supported invitation. And your tarot readings are quite honestly magic!"

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